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11 Most Important On-Page SEO Factors that Work in 2022

11 Most Important On-Page SEO Factors that Work in 2022

Numerous factors affect the website’s ranking, but it is impossible for everyone to take care of each and every single factor. Here, in this article, we will summaries the most important factors that will help you in the journey of SEO. Hence, you should have to stay tuned with this article till the end and boost the quality of your SEO work, website ranking and organic traffic.

List of Utmost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking Factors for 2022

Generally, SEO ranking factors are divided into different categories. Among them, the On-Page factor is the prime one. Through this article, you will get to know the top 11 most important On-Page SEO factors, which will help boost your website’s rank on google.


1. Always Maintain the Quality of the Content

The content of the article is the heart of On-Page SEO. The article will indicate your business and website to the readers and the search engine. Content must be engaging, useful, fresh and relevant.

To write a high-quality article, one must choose the relevant topic and keywords. There are some top-level online toll presents which will help you to find out the important keyword for your article. That is why in-depth keyword research is very important. Not only is the selection of the keyword important, but it is equally important to include the right keywords in the right place in the content.

2. Create a Secured Website and Make sure It is Accessible

It is also important to create a user-friendly website which is accessible through different devices. The website should work smoothly irrespective of the devices. Also, it should have browser compatibility, which means it should be operational on different browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, etc. This is essential to get a better user experience.

3. Sitemap

The proper sitemap should be there on the website because it makes the crawling process very easy for the search engine.

4. Speed of the Website

Speed of the website is one of the important factors for On-Page SEO. The ideal loading speed for a website is 2-3 seconds, and it can extend a maximum to 5 seconds, not more than that. Minimum the loading speed, the more beneficial it would be for the website.

5. Optimize the Speed of the Page

The users must have a nice experience on the website. Otherwise, traffic to your website will decrease day by day. They should be able to access the data easily and navigate without any confusion. The page must be user-friendly. The website must be structured according to the algorithms and protocols of the search engine such as Yahoo, Mozilla, Google etc.

6. Put Relevant Links to the Post

When link building and creating backlinks, you must keep one thing in your mind: you should always be done with those pages or sites that are relevant or have relevant content.

Building or creating links with irrelevant websites or pages lowers the website ranking and SEO score.

7. Go for Page Interlinking Option

Ensure that irrespective of the ways users or searchers follow to reach the website, they must land on the exact page, and the URL of the page must remain the same.

8. Go for Image Optimization

Image optimization is also important for SEO ranking. You must have seen this, whenever we perform a search, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) shows options like Image search, video search, image search etc., because Google and other search engines are unable to read the images. It is important to perform image SEO and provide proper Alt Tag, Image titles description etc.

9. Take Help from Social Platforms

Nowadays, most website owners choose to promote their website on Social Media. The easiest way to present your website among people is through Social media. Moreover, different platforms in social media play a critical role in promoting the website. The importance of presence on social media is inevitable. So, you must share about the website on various social media platforms and build a network to reach out to more and more people.


10. Google Search Console Integration

It is also known as Google webmaster and is a must-have tool for SEO. Your website must be listed on the Google search console because it provides essential information about the numerous aspects of the website, such as ranking penalties, errors etc.

11. Be sure about the Website’s Topical Authority.

You need to keep a regular and periodical check on the performance of your domain authority, page authority and spam score. The spam score should not increase; the higher the domain and page authority, the better it is. Also, maintain a regular check on the domains and pages that are linked with the websites. So as to improve the quality and the quantity of the link building.


Hence, these are some major factors that affect the website’s SEO performance and overall functioning.

Author: Gourav Kumar

Gourav Kumar is a certified digital market expert registered with Google. He has achieved a considerable amount of hands-on experience in digital marketing, content development, and SEO-based services.

What is ON-Page SEO?

ON-Page SEO is a process to optimise your website according to google algorithm to improve your search engine visibility.

Why ON-Page SEO is important?

ON-Page SEO help to improve your website presence in search engine. It help out you to make your website user friendly.