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Tips to Improve Search Engine Ranking in 2022

SEO Ranking Factors in 2022

Tips to Improve Search Engine Ranking in 2022

With 6+ years of experience, I have worked on hundreds of websites for SEO. I have got SEO ranking for maximum projects, with following simple and super easy process. I’ll show you some examples of my work that I have done in my past. But before your start you need to understand that SEO is a slow process, we can’t get ranking in one night. we have to be patience for some time and do work continuously. Here I’m sharing all the techniques that I used for my projects. You just need to follow all of them one by one and see what you get.

Example websites:
Family Cleanout Junk Removal
i5 Exteriors
Lok Out Shop

All these businesses have got SEO ranking on the first 2 pages of SERP for every keyword on their local reason.

There are two parts to the whole process of SEO

ON-Page SEO: On Page, Optimisation is a process where we optimised our website internally according to Google algorithms and rules. Here we try to follow all rules to make our website more and more SEO friendly. We try to find errors and fix them. On-Page SEO is a very important part of SEO, that’s why we always keep it on top and first priority. Our first task is to do ON-Page optimisation. On-Page is a key SEO ranking factor in 2022.

Off-Page SEO:
Off Page, SEO is the process where we make our website link to other 3rd party websites. It is also called Link Building. Here we find out the most traffics websites and publish our content there. In content we link our website link, this is called backlinks. This will increase your brand awareness and authority. This will also help to get relevant traffic on your website.

Here Are Tips to Improve Search Engine Ranking in 2022

On-Page SEO

Responsive Website: Make your website responsive for all device screen resolutions. This is the most important task that you should do first. Google always give priority to those websites. Check whether your website is responsive or not: Mobile-Friendly Test

Website Page Speed: Your website should load in 3 to 4 seconds. That will increase the user experience of the website. Page Speed Test

Content Quality: Your website content should be unique, authorised and trustworthy. Use keywords in content in the first paragraph. test content quality

Heading Tags: Try to use all heading tags with using keywords properly. Use Only one H1 on every page and try to use the main keywords in H1. Test Heading Structure and Website Audit

Images: Use Images properly on every page of the website. Make sure to use alt text for all images using keywords. Make Images Compressive

Meta Data: One of the most important factors is Meta Data, use meta title and description properly on every page. Use one keyword per title, and use some synonyms in the description.

Blog Post: Post content in the form of blogs on your website every week. That will help to attract an audience to your articles. Like our digital marketing blog post


Google My Business and Citations: Build Google Business Profile(GMB), and Citations on high authority websites. GMB is very important, fill all information in GMB. Your information(NAP) should be the same everywhere. Post every day on GMB with unique content and images.

Content Syndicates: Blast your own website blog content to other websites like quora, blogger, tumble, Reddit, social media etc.

Infographics and Slideshow: Make attractive infographics and PPT and share in on other websites and social media.

Video Submissions: Make attractive and unique videos for your services, if you are capable and post in on video-sharing platforms like YouTube, social media etc. If you are not experienced in video creation then don’t worry, I have a solution for you. Use the lume5 tool, just paste your website blog post URL here and create the video. It’s super easy to use.

Social Media: Make your business pages on every social profile and fill in all information about your business like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, interest, Quora etc. Post content regularly here.

Conclusion: I have got results by using these techniques, so you can also get the results. But you need to keep patience. Just apply all the things one by one and see results. I’m sure you will get results within 2 months after applying all the things properly. Contact me at info@ansoftsolutions or Hire SEO Expert for any other information.