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Google Roll Out Search Console Video Index Report - Google Latest Update

Search Console Video Index Report

Google had launched a new report called “Video Indexing” and this was in the testing stage till today, but today google rolled out it. Google announced it by tweet through their official channel. Now it will be applicable to all users in all countries. This is back to back third big update of Google after image diversity. Now, the question is how it will work and where we can see it.

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How does Video Indexing work?

This update is super easy to understand. If google detects any video on your website within any page and blog while crawling, it will be indexed also with the pages. And google give all information about the video. So, with this update, Google will store information about your all videos and show them to users. To help you understand the performance of your videos on Google, and identify possible fields of improvement.

Where You Can See Video Indexing?

To see Video indexing updates, your website should has at least one original video and the website should be linked to the search console. If you have not all these yet, then do both things first. Now it s depends on Google if they detect your videos or not, if Google detects any video on your website, this report will appear on the left navigation bar in the coverage section at Search Console. This will help users to understand how their videos perform on the Search Engine Results page.

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How to Eligible for Video Indexing?

Just add your website to the search console(if not yet), then add or find any page or post on your website where you can add or find the video. Then copy this page URL and come back to the search console. In the Inspection section, paste the URL and submit a request to google for reindexing the page or post again. Sometimes Google reindexes the pages instantly and sometimes it takes some time. So be patient while google index the pages or posts. If they detect the video, then your video indexing report will show in the search console coverage section.

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