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How to Do SEO Myself in 2022? A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide

How to do SEO Myself?

According to research, 37% of people do SEO by themselves. This study has done in the USA over several small and medium size businesses. It means, there are chances to do SEO work himself, Right? Yes, right! It’s true, you can do SEO yourself, even if you don’t have enough knowledge of SEO. You don’t need to understand the algorithms and way of working with Google.

I’m a Google Certified Digital Marketing expert and have 6+ years of experience in SEO. In my opinion, the SEO process is Super easy, which you can do yourself. I know everyone is an expert in their work. And if you hire an SEO expert for your website, and can take more benefits. But you don’t need to do that. Because here I’m sharing some most useful tips that how you can do SEO yourself in 2022.

How to Do SEO Myself in 2022? A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide

What is SEO

SEO is a process to get your website on top of a search engine from several search terms that are relevant to your business services. SEO’s full form is Search Engine Optimisation. So, in this process, we try to optimise the search results by doing all SEO tasks, which here I’m going to tell you.

Before you start the SEO process, I hope you have your own website for you which you want to do SEO. If you don’t have a website yet, so firstly make a website. If you don’t know how to do just watch this video:

So whole SEO process is divided into two parts:



But this article is not for technical persons, so we don’t need to know ON-Page and Off-Page. I don’t want you to be confused in deeply SEO. You just need to follow the following steps one by one.

Optimise the Website

First and most important part is to optimise the website. Just make your website Search engine friendly. Here are the following tips to optimise the website:

– Add unique, authorised and trusted content to your website

– Add Relevant images to your website(with a proper name)

– Add Meta Title and Description with using your main keywords for all pages. How to do it?

– Add full business information to your website like Business name, Address, phone, working hours, MAP, all social media channel icons etc.

– Make About us, Our Services and Contact us page. If you can divide your services you should make more pages under the services section.

For example Your page should be like this:

Tips to optimise your website

Google Business Profile(GMB)

GMB is one of the most useful platforms of google, which play an important role to get leads from local areas. Submit your business to your Google Business profile, and verify it. Once Google verified you, you should optimise your listing. Here are the following steps to optimise your listing:

– Business information should be the same as what you’ve used on the website.

– Add the most relevant category of your business

– Add all Services properly

– Add photos and videos of your business

– Add a briefly described description with using main keywords and your city name

– Add your phone number and website URL

– Add your services areas also

– Post regularly on GMB

Make Citations

To get ranked on top in local, you have to make some citations. Making citations is also super simple. Go to citation websites one by one, and make an account of them. You will see the “submit your business” or “add business” option there. Fill in the information’s in the fields. Information should be the same in every place. Here are the top 20 citations websites list

Blog Post

Add or publish content on your website regularly and update your viewers for your services. You just need to write unique, fresh and authorized content and post it on the website. If you don’t do that just hire a content writer, and ask for content every week or twice a month. But don’t worry, here I’m sharing some useful tips to make SEO friendly content.

Social Media:

Yes, right! Make your business page on every social channel like FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Then you will need to link all these to your website. Make sure all information should be same. Stay active on all social media by posting regularly. Add informational, services and working place photo posts on all social media.

Here are some important tips to do SEO yourself. It’s a very easy and effective technique. Try all these and see results. I’m using these techniques for all my clients and getting results. If you need further help, contact us at or We are ready to help you.