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Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google is always looking for ways to connect people to helpful information. As part of this effort, they are launching the “helpful content update.” This update is designed to make sure that people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results. Creators should keep this in mind when creating content. 

Google announced this update on their official Twitter handle on 18 August 2022. This will be one of the most important updates in 2022 from Google in SEO. They will let us know on their official page when the roll-out is completed.

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What is the Update?

The helpful content update goes is to reward the website’s content where the visitors or users feel they have had a satisfying experience. Google give bonus or rewards to such type of websites which follow up the helpful content update, while ranking may be down for those who will not follow up.

What Should You Do?

Here are the followings things which should you do now:

Focus on People First Content

The goal of the content update is to improve the way content is rewarded on the site. Content that is satisfying to visitors will do better, while content that doesn’t meet their expectations won’t do as well.

To ensure your content will be successful with Google new update, follow Google long-standing advice and guidelines to create content for people, not for search engines. People-first content creators focus first on creating satisfying content, while also utilizing SEO best practices to bring searchers additional value. If you want to take benefit of helpful content updates, You should followup the things listed below:

– Try to join users and audiences to your website and business, where they can find useful and people-friendly content directly from your website.

– Your content should clearly demonstrate first-hand expertise and depth of knowledge of user queries.

– Your website should have a primary purpose and focus on particular services.

– After reading your content, users’ and audiences’ feelings should be that they’ve learned enough about a topic to help achieve their goal.

– Users and audiences feeling should be a satisfying experience after reading your content.

– Keeping in mind Google guidance for core updates and for product reviews?

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What Shouldn’t Do?

Here are the followings things which shouldn’t you do now:

Avoid creating content for search engines first

Google advice to focus on people instead of search engines does not mean that you should ignore SEO best practices. Google’s own SEO guide can be helpful in this regard. However, content created primarily for search engine traffic is often not what searchers are looking for and is thus less satisfying.

How do you avoid taking a search engine-first approach?

– Don’t write content only to attract people from search engines, you should write valuable content for your audience.

– Don’t produce lots of content on different topics in hopes that some of it might perform well in search results.

– Don’t use any automation content generating tools to produce content on many topics. Keep in mind that google like people’s written content.

– Don’t add the content which others have added without adding much value.

– Don’t write something only because they are trending, if this will not for your audiences.

– Don’t write be like if your readers feel like they need to search again to get better information from other sources.

– Don’t think about word count, google doesn’t care about word count.

– Don’t write on irrelevant topics for better search traffic. 

– Don’t do any promise in your content to answer a question that actually has no answer, like the release date for a product, movie, or TV show when one isn’t confirmed.

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How does the update work?

This new update includes a site-wide signal that will help us rank web pages better. Google systems will automatically identify content that seems to have little value, or that doesn’t seem particularly helpful to people who are doing searches.

If a website has a lot of unhelpful content, any content on that site is less likely to do well in search engine results, compared to other websites with more helpful content. So, if you remove the unhelpful content from your website, it could improve the chances of your other content being ranked higher.

Some will wonder how long it will take for a site to improve if it gets rid of unhelpful content. Google update classifier will keep track of newly launched sites as well as existing ones, so it can see when unhelpful content is gone for good. Once it sees that the unhelpful content is gone for the long haul, the classification will be removed.

This classification process is entirely automated, using a machine-learning model. It is not a manual action or a spam action. Instead, it is just a new signal that Google evaluates to rank content.

Some unhelpful content on sites classified as having unhelpful content could still rank well if there are other signals identifying that the content is helpful and relevant to a query. The signal is also weighted; sites with a lot of unhelpful content may notice a stronger effect. In any case, for the best success, be sure you’ve removed unhelpful content and are also following all Google’s guidelines.


This update primarily affects English searches, but they plan to expand to other languages in the future. They will also continue to fine-tune how Google classifier detects unhelpful content, and take steps to give more credit to content that focuses on people.